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Indian Summer Festival 26 June 2020 (EN)

June 26 Geestmerambacht, Langedijk

Indian Summer Festival 2021 shuttle buses

Don’t feel like being the designated driver at Indian Summer Festival? Then we have the solution! For only €7,50 p.p. you will be dropped off at the entrance of the Indian Summer Festival from Alkmaar Station and of course safely brought back. This way you can enjoy Indian Summer Festival to the fullest!

Departure times - To go

Friday 25 June

  • Ride 1: 12.00 hrs
  • Ride 2: 13.00 hrs
  • Ride 3: 14.00 hrs
  • Ride 4: 15.00 hrs
  • Ride 5: 16.00 hrs
  • Ride 6: 17.00 hrs
  • Ride 7: 18.00 hrs
  • Ride 8: 19.00 hrs
  • Ride 9: 20.00 hrs
  • Ride 10: 21.00 hrs
  • Last ride: 22.00 hrs

Departure times - To go

Saturday 26 June

Buses to Indian Summer Festival run every 20 minutes from Alkmaar Station from 11.30 hrs till 17.00 hrs

Departure times - Way back

Saturday 26 June

Buses to Alkmaar Station run every 20 minutes from Indian Summer Festival from 22.00 hrs till 01.30 hrs

Departure times - To go

Sunday 27 June

  • Ride 1: 09.00 hrs
  • Ride 2: 09.40 hrs
  • Ride 3: 10.20 hrs
  • Ride 4: 11.00 hrs
  • Ride 5: 11.40 hrs
  • Last ride: 12.30 hrs

Good to know

Make sure you order a ticket for the exact day you want to travel. You can then use that ticket to travel back a day of your choice. The tickets are not linked to specific times, you can choose which bus you want to take.

The tickets you order are return tickets and cost €7.50 each.

Boarding point

Near Alkmaar Station. More information will follow as soon as possible.

About Indian Summer Festival 2021

At Indian Summer on Saturday June 26th 2021 we will make it again the most beautiful party of North Holland. We unpack big with lots of artists and the festival terrain will be more beautiful and extensive than ever before.

Not enough for one day of partying? Then go for the Camping Weekender. At the festival campsite the party starts as early as Friday 25 June and you can immerse yourself in a weekend full of partying.

Indian Summer Festival 2021

Aftermovie Indian Summer Festival 2019

Order a shuttle bus ticket


Geestmerambacht, Langedijk


Friendly Fire

Pendelbusticket retour €7,50 (EN)



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