Article 1: Definitions

1.1 PARTY Reizen, established in Vianen, KVK number 57775818 is in these general terms and conditions referred to as organiser.

1.2 The counterpart of organiser is in these general conditions referred to as traveller.

1.3 A travel agreement is meant.

1.4 A travel agreement is effected by the traveller ordering a bus ticket from the organiser.


Article 2: Applicability of general terms and conditions

2.1 These general terms and conditions are applicable to all quotations, offers, agreements and deliveries of services or goods by or on behalf of the organizer.

2.2 Deviation from these terms and conditions is only possible if expressly agreed upon in writing by parties.


Article 3: Payment

3.1 The prices on include the payable VAT, unless otherwise stated.

3.2 The traveller will pay his/her coach ticket for a coach journey in advance to the organiser by means of a means of payment indicated by the organiser.

3.3 The prices of services or goods are based on the then known cost prices. Increases thereof, which could not be foreseen by the organiser at the time of making the offer or entering into the agreement, can give rise to price increases.


Article 4: Travel agreement

4.1 A travel agreement shall come into effect after the traveller has purchased a coach ticket from the organiser.

4.2 The traveller who enters into a travel agreement for himself or on behalf of another person, hereby referred to as the principal traveller, is jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the agreement.

4.3 Organiser retains the right to amend the travel agreement.

4.4 This entitles Organiser to combine several bus trips into one bus trip.

4.5 Published departure times may be adjusted. In the event of a change, the traveller will be informed by e-mail. The traveller is obliged to take account of the possibility that departure times may be adjusted. Cancellation of the travel agreement due to adjusted departure times shall be considered cancellation.

4.6 Published departure times of shuttle services are indicative times. The passenger is obliged to take account of the possibility that departure times may be adjusted.

4.7 Organiser will not reimburse tickets if it was not possible for the passenger to attend the bus trip due to changed indication times.

4.8 If tickets are purchased through third parties, organiser is not liable for missing information.


Article 5: Cancellation by the Organiser

5.1 Organiser reserves the right to cancel a bus trip due to low participation, force majeure or when a principal booker cancels and does not provide a replacement tour operator.

5.2 In the event of organiser’s cancellation of a coach trip, the principal bookers will be notified of the cancellation by email the day before departure.

5.3 Organiser will offer an alternative travel mode within a few days after the cancellation is announced, or refund the entire amount due on the reservation. The amount due includes the entire amount paid for the bus trip.

5.4 In the event of cancellation, the traveller may claim compensation.

5.5 In the event of cancellation of the coach trip due to force majeure, such as the cancellation of an event, the ticket amount minus €1,- administration costs will be refunded.


Article 6: Cancellation by the principal traveller

6.1 In case of cancellation by the traveller, the organiser will refund the amount due, minus €1,- administration costs, to the traveller’s account number known to the organiser within a few working days.

6.2 If the principal booker/traveller cancels within seven days before departure, the full amount due must still be paid.

6.3 If the cancellation takes place eight days or more before departure, the amount due will be transferred to the account number of the principal booker known to the organiser.

6.4 The main booker will remain liable for his or her fellow travellers.


Article 7: Food and drink

7.1 Foodstuffs that may cause soiling and/or damage to the interior are not permitted.

7.2 Glassware is not allowed in the coach.


Article 8: Lost property

8.1 Organiser is not liable for lost and/or stolen items. Organiser will therefore also not reimburse items stolen or lost during the services of organiser


Article 9: Complaints

9.1 Traveller is obliged to report complaints about the work carried out to organiser in writing within five days. The complaint shall contain as detailed as possible a description of the shortcoming, so that the organiser is able to respond adequately.

9.2 In any case, the complaint cannot lead to organiser being held liable to perform other work than that agreed upon.

9.3 Organiser will respond and possibly resolve the complaint within five working days after receiving the complaint.


Article 10: Confidentiality

10.1 Organiser shall keep secret any information received (in whatever form) from the traveller which it knows or can reasonably suspect to be secret or confidential, the disclosure of which it can expect to cause damage to the other traveller, and shall take all necessary measures to ensure that it also keeps the said information secret.

10.2 Organiser shall be entitled to have a passenger list with name and telephone number checked by the bus driver.


Article 11: Applicable law and competent court

11.1 Any agreement between the parties shall be exclusively governed by Dutch law.

11.2 If in legal proceedings one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are deemed unreasonably onerous, the other provisions will remain in full force.

11.3 The Dutch court in the district where organiser is established has exclusive jurisdiction to take cognisance of any disputes between parties, unless the law imperatively prescribes otherwise.



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